We offer baptism for the people who confess Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. It is a significant event not only for the individual but also for the church as a whole. The person who get baptised becomes a member of the church (Body of Christ) and promises to serve one another. All are committed to each other with senior members supporting new converts. Baptisms are conducted by an ordained Baptist minister from one of our partner churches.

Supporting Letters

We write support letters which is important for the asylum claim, especially for religious related cases. We also support those whose case isn't on religious grounds because it strengthens the case to have a supporting letter to show that you have adjusted well into life in the United Kingdom. Our letters are written to reflect each unique case with many legal teams finding them effective for many cases.

Zoom Meetings

We provide daily Bible study meetings at 9pm via zoom. These are delivered various team leaders on each session. You can join us wherever you are. Monday: Sunday Sermon Review Tuesday: Foundation of Christianity Wednesday: Lloyd-Jones Doctrines of Christianity Thursday: Study of Matthew Zoom details: Meeting ID: 824 132 9158 Passcode: 7777

Other Activity

We endeavour to meet in person to allow recreational activity such as bowling, hiking, or simply eating out in the café/ restaurants. We have travelled various UK sites and cities for example Ilkley Moors and Liverpool, Wales, London and many other areas. We do this in small groups to allow relationship building.