Helen Hwang

Founder and Director

God loves the broken hearted and so do I. It's been a humbling and enlightening experience to get to know the many broken hearted and fragile people through asylum seekers and refugees who left everything for their mere survival. I believe these people were sent by God to hear the good news of the gospel. My mere curiosity and compassion has lead me to this whole new avenue of ministry. Meeting with the marginalised, I have rediscovered the meaning of life and faith. Most importantly, I became closer to God because God loves them dearly. I am the beneficiary of the ministry and I feel so blessed to be involved with these beautiful people’s lives. My husband Phil leads with me in the ministry and we have two beautiful children, a son and daughter who supports us in the ministry. Please do join us in fulfilling the ministry.

Philip Hwang

Deputy Director and Trustee

Hi my name is Phil, husband and partner in ministry to Helen. I have been friends with the Asylum Seekers and Refugees for a few years. I have grown in this interest and have become an active supporter in sharing Jesus’ love through my interactions. I am a teacher by background including leading research initiatives at the university where I am employed. As part of my work, I have travelled the Arctic and African countries where I have administered my passion to help others. Some of this included improving the livelihoods of local farmers and addressing the local issues caused by climate and environmental changes. My love for the underprivileged or marginalised is not just confined to my vocational activity but is intertwined in my life. The Compassion 2 All ministry is another opportunity to do what I love, care for others. Please join us!

Peter Cho (Rev)


Hi my name is Rev Peter Cho. I am the minister of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Welsh Valley town Newbridge. It is my honour and privilege to serve Compassion2All as a trustee. It has also been a joy to be involved in giving baptisms to those who confess Jesus as their saviour within C2A. I am involved in various fellowship initiatives such as retreats and providing discipleship training in my church in Wales which I enjoy. I also endeavour to be involved in C2A in similar capacity. I hope and pray that Compassion2All will be used for the gospel and for the love of Christ to be shared with people in the world! Every blessing to you all!

Joseph Bae

Lead biblical teacher (Bible Study)

My name is Joseph Bae, I lead the Tuesday Bible Studies on zoom. My day job is as a Senior Data Scientist working in London. It is a pleasure to be a part of the C2A community and to be able to serve and to help shape the growth of the attendees with the help of my Lord Jesus. The weekly Bible study sessions are open to anyone, so I welcome you to join us as we continue to explore and grow in our relationship and knowledge of the Lord together. See all our Zoom sessions including my own Tuesday session Foundation of Christianity at the read more link.